City The King

is from East New York, Brooklyn. He is a multimedia artist who mainly focuses his talents on music, and expanding the minds of the youth. City was introduced to music in middle school, playing violin in concerts and eventually in church. He began experimenting with Fruity Loops in only 8th grade, and he was writing rhymes well before. City has worked with artists all over the world, and children all over New York City. His workshop, "Music With Meaning", encourages students to think critically about music, and use simple tools to build complex music. He has also worked with CDF Freedom schools for the past 5 summers.
City has years of unrealeased material and numerous upcoming projects. He put out his first full length project, Brooklyn Renaissance, in the begining of 2016. His next mixtape, Kingsborough Kings, is a tribute to some of the biggest artists from Brooklyn. City is also responsible for most of the features of this website as well as a lot of the graphics that accompany Freshmind Music. City is on the weekly Freshmind remixes on Freshmind Radio. You can also find City every Friday at Word Up Cafe hosting Flow and Tell open mic.

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